Sunday, 19 July 2015

How it should be...

The whole way we enjoy our hobbies has changed beyond all recognition in recent years. Most of this change has been fuelled by the spread of the internet. We communicate and swap ideas via forums that used to be the preserve of the clubroom or bank. You are reading this, courtesy of the modern internet. The biggest changes have been in how we buy our supplies and tackle. Although I am a big supporter of the local tackle shop, most cannot compete with the range of tackle the big internet suppliers can offer. Most carry a range of the popular tackle but it must be hard to hold a huge stock with a small turnover. Bait seems to be the mainstay of most of the tackle shops I have visited. Yes I can, and do, buy end tackle locally but I also have to buy from afar as there is so much choice out there today.

This, of course, is only from my limited experience here in London and the situation may be very different in other places. Whatever the circumstances, many of us are now buying tackle on line and that can be a very hit and miss affair. I have probably used a dozen different suppliers over the past ten months or so and there are one or two I probably will not use again. Most seem to be okay, but there is one supplier that has gone that extra mile and I feel I should tell you about.
Click on the picture above to go to Fosters' website
Last weekend I decided to replace the feeders I had lost, the Friday before, see HERE. My quick search for a supplier turned up several choices and I selected Fosters of Birmingham. Prices are on a par with what I could get elsewhere so I made an order.

On Monday morning I received a call from a very polite guy from Fosters explaining that a couple of items I had ordered were not in stock. I suspect it is hard to keep track of shop/internet stock for most independent retailers. Some may say this is not good enough but what I would say is, as the owner of a small specialist internet shop (non angling), you try it!

This often happens to me from other suppliers and I end up with half an order and a to-follow list. The difference here is the personal service. By calling me and letting me know what had happened we were able to negotiate some alternatives and wait a couple of days until new stock arrived. There was a small balance of money left over at the end, so I said to just make up the order with more of the same. They did, and I received the order exactly when I expected it.

Brilliant service, I know who I will be using in future.