Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Severn, this morning...

Looking along The Wharfage from our B&B, this morning
Several times a year we visit Ironbridge in Shropshire. For many years now, we have been staying in a very nice B&B right on the Wharfage. Our views from the windows are of the Severn. Looking one way towards the famous Iron bridge, which is just out of sight in my picture from the B&B but can be seen in the photo below. The river was running quite fast this morning and is prone to flooding along this section and it can make a real mess.

In recent years barriers have been erected to keep the fish (and the water!) in the river. This makes vehicular access almost impossible as the remaining open road is required for the emergency services.

The barriers erected in January 2013 Photo: Dave Throup
  Looking out of the other window we can see straight across the river to the opposite bank.  The pegs seem to me mostly in disarray. Each time the river floods, I suspect the pegs get washed away, or at the very least, damaged.  

You can see one of the pegs, in a sorry state, in the centre of the picture
Odd pegs look a little more robust even if the bank has the air of treachery about it! There was nobody fishing in the town this morning. I understand that this section is free to fish, so long as the maggot drowner has a valid EA licence. I am not sure what the form is, i.e. whether one can just turn up and fish or if there is a protocol to follow. 

We noticed, last night on the way back from the Indian Restaurant, there is a Tackle shop just by the bridge. It has probably been there ever since we have been visiting the area and just not been aware of it before. I should have made a point of investigating it this morning but didn't have time on this trip. Something to put in the bag for next time we are there in February.     

This peg seems intact, even if the bank is not so good
I intend to do a bit of homework and maybe give this stretch of the river a go next time we are there, if I can discover if I can just turn up and fish. I also wonder if I can fish on this side of the river.