Wednesday, 12 August 2015

I want to go fishing...

...but I can't!

The Severn is right outside the window... (May 2015)
Work. It gets in the way of fishing sometimes. As it stands, we are going to be working all over the weekend and guess where we will be? Ironbridge, right on the Severn, literally running right past the window of our room at our favourite B&B. Three days working and then on Monday, when I might have just had a few hours on the bank, we are heading back to Kent to collect my Mum and take her to Somerset on Tuesday. I won't even get a chance to fish there as we have to be back in London by Tuesday evening.

Hopefully I will get a chance to go and have a day out towards the end of next week to have a day pleasure fishing. Although I enjoy the friendly matches I have started to take part in, I still get a lot of pleasure just fishing for the sake of it and trying out new ideas. I have spent a good bit of time using the Method feeder and my own groundbait mixes, experimenting to see what works best. So far the Two Dog groundbait mix seems to be the most effective.

I might throw the boat out and go for two rod day ticket this time. I have a cheap carp rod and alarm that I have not tried yet. I though it might be a good opportunity to have a go at ledgering a PVA bag of goodies and a boilie or two while doing a bit of float fishing. Who knows, I might even catch a PB carp.