Friday, 25 March 2016

While I was at it...

As repairing my pole section was so successful (See HERE) I decided to have a go at mending that feeder rod that got broken back in November. At the time I wrote it off and bought a new rod. At around £30.00, the rod is not an expensive piece of kit it was not worth considering having it repaired.

I had plenty of Carbon fibre cloth leftover from the pole repair so I decided to have a go at mending the rod too. This job was much easier than mending the pole, as the rod had not parted in two but had 'crumpled' more like it had been crushed. All it needed was a double wrap of carbon fibre cloth and a good coat of resin to do the job.

The procedure was the same as used for the pole except no cosmetic paint was used to cover the cloth and no jig was required. After a good sanding, the section was re varnished showing off an honest repair...

...See, I still didn't tell you it was my brother who broke the rod!

Now what's next?