Saturday, 13 January 2018

How do you spell perch? P-I-K-E !

Today was supposed to be a perch hunting session, but as you can see, it did not go exactly to plan. First, the lake (pond) I had planned to fish was already occupied by the time I arrived at the fishery and after talking to Andy, the bailiff, it seemed that Tuscany would not be the best choice for float fishing due to its depth. Instead it was agreed that The Major's Lake would be my best bet, especially as I had fished it successfully for perch last time I was there.

It was cold today, but at least it was was not raining. Before I did anything, I threw half a dozen maggots into the left hand margin. On this swim, that is the corner of the lake with a lot of miscellaneous undergrowth either hanging over or actually growing in the margin. I set up a float rod with a No.16 hook and impaled my first pair of victims - A lob worm with a maggot to help keep it on the hook. The idea was to fish for the perch conventionally before I tried out my paste. See yesterday's post. I dropped the baited hook into the swim and the float settled and then dropped below the surface before it made off in the direction of the island.

If this is a perch it is a big one. I saw a glimpse of something that was determined to get away but felt more like a carp. I am now thinking this thing is going to snap me off, if I am not careful. Then it turned and was heading back from whence it came.. I lifted the rod in an effort to bring it to the surface. It was then I realised I had hooked a pike, and not a tidily one either. Okay, this was no monster but for me this was going to be something to remember. All my waffle about collecting the correct gear and not wanting to sit here on The Major's Lake waiting for a bite and here I am with a fish-on. Better still I landed it with Andy's help 'driving' my rather undersized net. Typical, the one time I leave the bigger net at home I needed it! Andy estimated it to be around 8lb, I did not have a weigh-sling with me either. To be honest, the last thing I expected to catch and land on light gear with no wire trace, was a pike, but I was really pleased I did as I sat there all, day trying all sorts of tactics, but didn't even get a bite. By mid afternoon the light was fading, and I was cold enough to call it a day.  

My first pike was supposed to be a perch...
The testing of the perch paste will have to wait for another day but even though the fish were not playing today, that one pike made it a day to remember and me a happy angler.