Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A change of direction

I have spent most of the summer method feeder fishing for carp. Now the weather is cooling down I intend to start scaling down my feed and tackle and start to target the silvers in the commercial lakes I regularly fish. So it is back to a bit of waggler fishing and I will have a go at using other feeders to lay down some maggot, bread etc. A year on I have a much better idea of what I am doing now. Don't misunderstand me, I still have an awful lot to learn but unlike this time last year, I have had some experience and I am thinking about what fish I am targeting.

My experiments throughout the year with bait has opened my eyes to a whole new subject. This time last year the only bait I was using was maggots. I had no idea what groundbait was and my whole technique was based around what I had seen in a Matt Hayes video. Since then, I have realised that there is a bit more to this fishing lark than just sitting there waiting for a fish to come along and take the bait.

Worms - Home made worms!
Sue has been composting our garden rubbish for years. Every time the lid of the compost bin is removed, there are hundreds of worms piled up hanging on to the underside. Apparently, these are Dendrobaena worms and are good for using as fishing bait. Well, that's okay then, free home-grown bait, assuming Sue does not start charging me for them. From what I read, the worms control their own population numbers. I take this to mean I should be able to harvest them and they will then produce more to restore the numbers providing I am not taking too many at a time. My plan is to take a good supply with me and return the rest to the heap on my return.  

I have never fished with worm before and everyone I spoken to informs me it is the must-have bait. It is time to give it a go. I will take some with me tomorrow for a day 'pleasure' fishing (for me that is, I am not sure the worms will see it that way) and I will let you know how I get on. I am not sure about cutting them up - am I the only angler that is a bit reluctant to become a mutilating murderer? ...Do worms scream?

Look out Mr Perch I am coming to get you!