Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Away match...

My forth match is on Sunday and it is not at my usual venue. This means a trip out into Kent to a place I am not familiar with to fish with a whole new group of people...

In the great scheme of things this may not seem such a big deal, but to me it is a significant milestone. Having participated in three matches at Beaver Fishery, I have now been invited to join in with some the guys from in a friendly match at Tricklebrook Fishery in Kent. Having never fished this venue it will be a whole new experience for me.  It is not far away, about the same distance from me as Beaver, and it should be an easy run out on a Sunday morning. The rules state that vehicles can not be driven to the swims so it looks like I will have to devise some kind of trolley to save me walking back and forth from the van to set up and pack up.

As much as I fancy a purpose made tote of some kind, that is going to have to wait. For this weekend it is going to be a case of making do with whatever I can find laying around here in the workshop. Top of the possible list is a tubular steel sack barrow. I will have to dig it out and see what needs to be done to make it function. I am sure I can cobble something together over the next couple of days - watch this space!

The match lake is to the left of the picture below, and that is where we will be fishing on Sunday. I like the look of the larger specimen lake as it appearers to be nice and open with fewer places for me to sacrifice my end tackle!

Tricklebrook Fishery as seen from the air by Google
It will be interesting to see if the same tactics I have been using at Beaver will work here. I don't have a pole so I am stuck with rod and line although I do have my latest innovation, my telescopic cupping pole. I may or may not use this at the venue as I have no idea if it will be allowed but it worked well in the margins when used to deliver a mix of feed and the baited method feeder, at Beaver

I am off to decide exactly what I need to take on Sunday and investigate providing myself with some kind of fishing tackle barrow...