Friday, 23 October 2015

Wagg 3, grinder 0

The incredibly powerful Duronic BL1200 blender
During the summer I have been using my Two Dog groundbait to great success. One of the main ingredients is ground Wagg dog biscuits. When dry, to say these things are hard is an understatement, they are bullet-proof. I like to add them as a fine powder to the mix initially as this way it all gets thoroughly mixed with the other dry ingredients without forming clumps.

I first tried processing them in my little food processor, but to no avail. all that did was to knock a few edges off and bounce them around violently. They are also extremely abrasive and scratch the inside of the mixing bowl. Defeated by this I then tried the good old pestle and mortar. Although I have a reasonably substantial one, the pestle and mortar made little progress and it was a job to stop the bits getting thrown out of the mortar if any force was applied.

Finally I came up with the idea of using a coffee grinder. The first one did actually last long enough to process just over a kilo of wag before it started it sound a bit rough, finally giving up the ghost in a puff of smoke and giving off an acrid smell... Hmmm... I think I pushed that a little too far, although I was being careful, I was obviously over loading it. Okay, I will put that down to experience. I bought a new one. This time I will be ultra careful and only put a few bits in the grinding chamber. Turned it on and it went round a couple of times and made a loud click at which point the motor was spinning free while the blade was stationary. These small modern appliances are impossible to get into without breaking something so It went back to the shop and was upgraded for a slightly more powerful model. That lasted not much longer and this time it was the blade that gave out and snapped!

Third one - time to give up with coffee grinders
At this point, I gave up with the idea of grinding Wagg in a cheap coffee grinder - it just is not up to the job. I was now considering the percussive approach, but hitting each one with a 26oz Estwing framing hammer might result in more on the floor than in the groundbait as well as taking half a lifetime to 'process' a kilo box full of the stuff. I was just about to give up on the idea of grinding the stuff to a fine powder when an on-line mate of mine put me on to the Duronic BL1200. The what? I hear you say. That was my first thought, what on earth is that? Well, it's a 'blender' or what I always called a 'liquidiser'. This thing has an unbelievable specification including a really heavy glass jug and a 1200W motor. All this for a shade under £56.00, delivered.

One extra advantage is the ease of cleaning - brilliant!
Now you know what they say about something being too good to be true, well this thing is the exception to the rule. Its robust build and powerful motor turned the Wagg into a fine dust with very little effort. It will also 'liquidise' bread and biscuit with very little effort. Problem solved!