Wednesday, 17 September 2014

It's a fish!

Today I went fishing! This may not be a big thing for most of you but this was my first time. Never before have I drowned so many maggots and caught so many fish - Yes you heard correctly, I caught some fish! The original plan was to make an early start, well that was the plan, but a few e-mails and phone calls put pay to that, but work does come first. In the end we managed to get the car packed and got away by about 10:30 am. The up side of this was that we missed the worst of the traffic and got to Bax Farm an hour later, after a stop off for some anti-bacterial hand gel.

Now, that bit goes through here...
This was it, time to take up the rod, man (me!) against fish! I tentatively threaded the line through the eyelets of the rod, added the float, a no.16 hook line and then a plummet. Picked a position to fish and plumbed the depth. I threw a handful of maggots at the float and sat down. As I did so the float disappeared and - bang! I had caught something. MY! (or words to that effect...) I had caught a fish!

Now panic set in as Sue raced for the landing net and I battled with what felt like a whale! You will have to excuse me but I was so surprised by the way the fish fought and the size of it. I was expecting to catch something the size of a sardine not a sea monster!  We managed to land it and got it in my hands. luckily it was hooked in the lip and the hook came straight out. Having never handled a live fish before I was not expecting it to be so slippery. I was just about to turn around so Sue could get a picture of my first fish when it wriggle out of my hands and straight back into the pond. Luckily, Sue managed to get a shot of it just as it left my hands...

My first fish...
Great! missed it. So my very first fish is the one that got away. No photograph but it was huge, it was T H I S big!

Thinking I had lost my big chance to get a photograph I was a little despondent but stuck with it for a while until lunch. After a couple of sandwiches and coffee, I was ready to have another go. A few catapulted maggots hit the spot I was aiming at and I cast into the same place. A few seconds later the float disappeared and I struck. Here we go again. This one fought like mad it must have been about four feet long and weighed at least 28lb. I can't show you because just as I was getting excited the line went slack and the float reappeared. Fish number two had stolen my hook length and a single shot.

Now I am an expert... I can catch fish! And I did, next came number three and not only did I land it but Sue managed to photograph me holding it.

Ta-Dah! How's that for a fish then?
Now I know this may seem like a little one to you guys but to me it is fantastic. I never thought I would catch anything like this on my first day out and it didn't stop there. After a bit of a lull, I caught another one about the same size.

...and another one, the last fish of the day
Great fun! can't wait to do it again. This was supposed to be a two-man thing but Tim could not make it today so Sue came along a rode shotgun for the day as well as taking the photographs. 

Sue was keeping Tim's chair warm for the day
Time to go home. We had a fun few hours here at Bax Farm. The people in the shop were very helpful and friendly, especially when they were selling bait! I used a pint and a half of Maggots today. I have no idea if that is too many or too few but I had a good time. I even managed to master the catapult by the time we were going home.

Maggots on target!
Now I really can't wait to get back and have another go. I plan to try out some different baits next time. The best way to learn is to have a go, and today, I did both, I had a go and I learnt a lot. Now I have caught a few fish I feel I can now try and modify my technique and I think I might invest in a new float with an inserted tip to see if it makes any difference.