Saturday, 13 August 2016

Something different

Fishing the one venue has its advantages, but it is about time I spread my wings further and take a look at a few new-to-me venues in Kent. The first of these is going to be Monk Lakes.

Part of the Monk lakes complex showing The two large lakes (Image ©2016 Google)
For the past year or so I have been fishing predominately at one fishery, Beaver Farm Fishery. It is very easy to put on those 'old slippers' and get into a rut. I am not turning my back on Beaver, as there is plenty of water there that has not had the experience of me fishing it yet...

Next week I am heading for the Monk Lakes complex in Marden, Kent. Just a few miles south of Maidstone on the A229, It is just under an hour away from me and the drive seems fairly painless, as long as Maidstone is not too busy at 06:30, the time I should be passing through.

I did make a quick visit to the venue this week, as I was in the area, and it does look enticing.There are several lakes, including four match lakes, a specimen lake and a couple of big pleasure lakes. It is one of the latter that I think I will have a go at first. It appears that it is possible to park close to the pegs which is something I like to do, and one of the attractions of Beaver.

Most people I have mentioned the place to, and have been there, have nothing but good things to say about the place. It seems the only thing that can be said against it is that it is very busy on Fridays and at the weekends. This is no problem to me as I usually fish during the week. Next week is no exception as I plan to visit Monk Lakes on Wednesday. I have not decided how I am going to fish it yet but I think I will go with rod, line and comfy chair for my first visit, following my keeping it simple approach that I am trying to follow. I can always make it more complicated on future visits!