Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Pass the chocolates...

Mmmm, Chocolate boilies...
A little while ago I was given an open packet of chocolate ginger biscuits by my mum. She had bought them by mistake thinking they were milk chocolate when they were in fact plain. After her and her friend had eaten several of them they decided that they did not like them. Being from am age where food was precious and rationing was part of daily life, the had to find someone to eat them, so on our next visit we were presented with said biscuits. I tried one; they are disgusting.

As I hate wasting anything they were instantly designated as 'fish food'. I though I might use them in a groundbait mix but then it occurred to me that they would make a good basis for a boilie mixture. I have not made any boilies for a while so it was out with the big saucepan and get the water boiling while we got to the ingredients together.

The recipe:
  • 100g Dry Breadcrumb
  • 150g Ground Plain Chocolate ginger biscuits 
  • 1½ tbs Drinking Chocolate Powder
  • 150g Semolina
  • 75g Rice Flour
  • 75g Dried Skimmed Milk
  • 5  Medium Eggs

All the dry ingredients were mixed together. The eggs were whisked in a separate bowl and then progressively added to the dry ingredients while mixing with a fork. Once the mixture became too stiff, the fork was put to one side and it was in with the hands to continue mixing until a firm doughy consistency, that did not stick to the hands, was achieved.

This was loaded into a boilie-gun and squeezed out to make sausages that were rolled on a rolling table to make the boilies. These were left for a few minutes to air dry before being plunged into hot water for about forty-five seconds. The cooked boilies were allowed to stand on an old towel for about five minutes to cool and dry off before being placed in an onion bag to be hung up and dried for at least twenty-four hours.

Hot chocolate?
We had all sorts of trouble getting a consistent size. some were misshaped and others were all different sizes. It was not until we were cleaning up that I realised we were using a 14mm nozzle in the gun and a 12mm rolling table. Although this was a silly error the resultant boilies do make an interesting selection of shapes and sizes and look a little less unnatural. That said, I can't think of anything more unnatural than fish eating chocolate biscuits!

Ready to hang up for drying - onion bags are great for this
We also rolled some small 10mm boilies, using a small Gardner rolling table, for use as fill in PVA mesh/bags.

Small 10mm boilies will be used as PVA bag-fill
I will be using them later in the week when I am going fishing with my brother, for the first time since last November, so there is no need to worry about freezing them. Once dry they will sit in a bait box in the bottom of the fridge to keep dry and cool. I will let you know what the fish think of them...

...That is if I can stop Tim eating them first.