Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Supermarket feeders...

Aldi are now feeding the fish...
Here in South East London the demand for cheap fishing gear must be limited as the local Aldi store is often found to be selling off its fishing related special offers at even further reduced prices. Today they were selling a nice little set of feeders for £3.49. At that price Sue decided to buy them and give them to me as a gift. Thank You! I was thinking about doing a bit of ledgering/feeder fishing next time we go out, between bouts of waggler fishing. Especially if we are having no luck on the float, like last time.

Not bad for a few pounds!
As well as the feeders and mould, there are a few hooks to nylon, some mini swivels, bright green rubbery beads and the obligatory disgorger. I must have about half a dozen of these now! For the money, these feeders look as if they will do the job to me and I will be able to try out some of my home-made ground bait.

You even get yet another free edition of Matt Hayes'  Useful Book of Fishing Which to be fair is useful to beginners like us but we now have several copies!