Sunday, 12 October 2014

No fishing this weekend.

It has it's advantages working for yourself but I can get in the way sometimes. It's the yin-yang that is the norm of the self employed, that has to balance. This week the work has spilt over into the weekend. Work the weekend and get a couple of day during the week. Fishing? Maybe.

I will go and visit my Mum at some point, I am not sure at 87 years of age she will be up for a stint by the lake, or the thought of all those maggots. We might have to go to the pub instead! Yes it is true to say that my mum spends more time in the pub than I do these days. Having spent most of my working life in the graphics business associated with print and publishing as well as a stint at a |London advertising agency at the end of the 1970s, I spent a considerable amount of time is such places. In the 1970 and 80s we spent as much time in the wine bars of the yet to be developed Covent Garden and Soho as we did in the office. Today, I hardly ever frequent such places unless it is to eat. Lunch time meal deals have reversed the role of parent and child. Today it is my mum who wants to go to the pub for the 'three courses for £7.99!

A spot of armchair fishing this weekend
I digress, In this period devoid of real fishing I find myself picking up the books and magazines and when the days work is done - or I have had enough of thinking too hard - I try and relax with a few hours fishing studies.

Over the past couple of days I have discovered there are all sorts of other things to drown, other than maggots. Last week when I went out with Tim, for the first time, I tried a bit of sweetcorn and although we caught nothing we did get some interest. This encouraged me to look at other baits. Blimey! Where do I start? The first thing I managed to get clear is the difference between hook bait and all the other bait; hook bait goes on the hook, the rest doesn't!

Mmmm... bananas!
For a real novice like me this is a whole new world of what seems like fantasy.  Do fish really like bananas? I am sure I will read this in time to come and be embarrassed at my ignorance. But, really, is this like the cat food flavours? Surely real cat food flavour would be rancid pigeon, or squashed door mouse.  When have you ever seen a cat eat a cow? Yet Beef flavoured cat food is there on the shelf. I suppose it is intended to 'appeal' to the human buyer, but that is nuts too, who eats cat food?  Mind you I am sure if I gave Tim tuna flavoured cat food sandwiches he would eat them thinking it was tinned tuna... He'll never know.

Talking of deceptive food and bait, You know how at, this time of year, the odd box of Ferrero Rocheris is given as a present. You take them home and someone turns up to say hello. They spot the chocolates and you have to offer then one. Excusing their rudeness by saying "These are so moreish" as they eat the last one... Well, I have a plan for some human bait. Take one box of the aforementioned sweet. Eat them and save the wrappers. Replace the sweets with cold brussel sprouts that have been dipped in molten Ex-lax chocolate and sawdust and wrapped in the original wrappers. Be warned - don't pinch my Ferrero Rocheris!

Getting back to bait for fish, it seems like I will have a lot of reading and watching to do. For now I get how to drown maggots and I can see how sweetcorn works. I think next time I go out fishing I will take some other bait with me and see how I get on, but just what I am not sure. more reading is required here, me thinks...