Saturday, 18 October 2014

No float next time!

Waggler fishing drowns lots of maggots!
My two trips to the water so far have involved float fishing. More precisely, waggler fishing. The reason for this has been, until now, it is the only way I knew how to fish. Now, I am not claiming to be an expert at this, bit I did want to have a go at a different type of fishing. The trouble is I still could not get the other forms of fishing, I knew existed, clear in my head...

Six plus weeks into this fishing thing, and my head is full of 'stuff'. Stuff about rods, stuff about bait, stuff about tackle... Trouble was it was all over the place, like an office after a hurricane had passed through. The information I needed was mostly there it was just in the wrong place. I then realised something that will be obvious to all but me!

I find myself re-reading the books and magazines with fresh eyes...
I was reading Coarse Fishing Basics, a beginner's guide - by Steve Partner, for the umpteenth time and I suddenly realised that ledger fishing was carried out using either weighted feeders, a ledger-weight or a string of large shot. All of which can be fixed to the main line or allowed to travel along it. The eureka moment came when I realised - they are all basically the same technique or principle. I know that is an oversimplification, but they all rely on a weight (anchor) a baited hook and a tight-line that goes slack. or screams off the real to indicate a bite. I said it was obvious, but not to me. I was making it all far too complicated and going around and around in circles.

I subsequently discovered quiver tips, Marker floats, Spods and sbombs. I have also found out how to use them - at least the theory behind them. All this may seem obvious to anyone who has fished before, but for me it is all slowly falling into place. I can now read my copy of Improve your Coarse Fishing, that I bought six weeks ago, and understand so much more of what is being said.

Guess what? - looks like I need some more tackle and another session on the water to try out all this new found knowledge. You know what they say about a little knowledge is dangerous... Well, I will take a change of clothes with me this time, just in case!