Monday, 23 March 2015

Boilies - 24 hours later...

Update on yesterday's boilie making session...

I dried the boilies out for 24 hours by hanging them in their drying bags. Today I have decanted them into zip-freezer bags, labelled and dated them. There are a few mixed flavour boilies in the strawberry bag as I left the last of the spicy paste in the gun - makes it all a bit more interesting. I ended up with well over a kilo of boilies (1074g in total). It would not have taken much longer to make several kilos ounce I got going. This will do for now, I will see if the fish like this lot first, I need to make some room in the freezer!

Ready for freezing
I mentioned yesterday that I had ordered Ant Wood's book. It arrived today so I have a some studying to do before I make the next batch! at first glance there appears to be dozens of recipes to chose from and a lot of background information - looks like a good read... I will let you know!

Ant's book - The boilie bible?