Friday, 13 March 2015

Dropshot gear...

Before Christmas I mentioned the fact that around where I live in South East London, there are not many places to casually fish. There are plenty of day-ticket waters within an easy drive but by the time you add the fuel, time and ticket money together it is only worth while if the trip is for the whole day. When I discovered dropshotting I was instantly drawn to the idea of light tackle, small lures and the idea of going fishing by public transport, using my Oyster card - see HERE

I think the popularity of dropshotting caught everybody out. Fox published a promotional video back in December 2013, see below. By the time I was interested in dropshotting in December 2014, it was the must see (and still is!) video for anyone interested in having a go at this most appealing branch of our hobby.

The video shows both how to rig the gear and how to use it. Before Christmas it was hard to find a supplier who had the rods and reels in stock and the Fox Jig Silk was, and still is, impossible to find - at least I have not been able to find any and at this time I understand that Fox are awaiting further supplies.

At last I have managed to find the time to acquire a rod and reel, some suitable braid and fluorocarbon leader, to compliment my already secured rig kit. The rod and reel are very small and ideal for what I have in mind - travelling on public transport to and between venues. All I need to do now is to load the spool with braid and to find something to carry it all in. A small rod sleeve would be ideal but so far the only one that looks small enough is the Fox Rage one and, to be honest I don't like the idea of a white bag with a huge logo on it advertising what is inside, drawing attention. The search is still on for that. I am also looking for a small bag to carry the other bits and pieces such as lures and spare end tackle. Looks like I might have to drag myself back to the tackle shop...