Sunday, 5 April 2015

Hooklink mono...

The Korum hooklength dispenser
I recently fell into one of the 'ignorance' traps that befalls all beginners at some time or another.  I bought some mono to make up my own hooklengths. It is a recognised brand (Korum) so I assumed all would be clear. When it arrived there were no instructions or directions on how to use it - that is, how to get it out of the container! On opening the container the reel appeared to be encased in plastic.

Hmmm... what do I do with this?
At this point I had no idea what I was supposed to do with it. Logic dictated that the line needed to be threaded through the split between the plastic rings and out through a small cut-out in the case. After struggling to get the rings off, not being sure if I was damaging anything, I got to the mono on the real. This was looped around the reel and tied on. I managed to free the line and assembled the reel, rings and container as I though it should be. All this was working blind, as I said, no instructions on how it should be done. This may be obvious to a seasoned angler but not to me.

As I tried to pull line from the container, the line was coming off in coils - I expected that as it straightens up with a pull through thumb and forefinger - but as I was pulling (hard) I could feel it tightening up and then relieving. At what seemed like these points, it would kink.

Only one rig? Better but not right
I was now confused and doubting that this is how this should work. I removed it from the case and tried it without the rings attached - that was useless it was just going to unwind in the case and get in a mess. I tried just using one ring. Although this was better is was not right...

Frustrated at a lack of information I got on the internet and asked the question at my favourite fishing forum. The guys confirmed that the rings should be in place and the mono should feed, with some resistance, but  smoothly.

I have cured the problem by adding a couple paper discs, cut from a sheet of 80gsm printer paper. I place these between the reel and the 'ring'. Although these rings clip into place, the paper seems to hold them at their outer tolerance allowing the line to run freer. As can be seen in the photograph the line now dispenses in a smooth coil. All I need to do now is to put the reel back in the dispenser and get on with making my hook lengths ready for my planned trip to Beaver tomorrow...