Friday, 17 April 2015

I went shopping!

Yes, I know it is an alien concept to most of us real blokes, but sometimes it just has to be done. I spent a a few pounds and came back with this lot...

I hope the fish are hungry
A total spend of £5.80 bagged me two loaves of bread, five packets of biscuits, two cans of chopped ham, and two packets of strawberry flavour pellets. An extra pound bought me a canvas bag to carry it all home and may well be used as a bate bag to carry the resultant bait to the bank.  Check out the receipts pictured below.

...and here is the proof...
hold on a minute, there's only four lots of biscuits listed - Ops!
The plan is to make some savoury groundbait base mix from the bread and biscuit. First, I will need to dry out the bread before whizzing it all up and mixing it with the biscuits. I will add a flavour to the mix that will give it a savoury aroma and taste. I will let you know just what in a few days time when I have made up my mind, and, get to make the base mix.