Saturday, 4 April 2015

Rain, rain go away...

...come again another day!

But not this Friday. Unfortunately the nursery rhyme is not going to help me much this week. The weather forecast for tonight and all day tomorrow is for rain, heavy at times. A spot of rain will not put me, but persistent rain all day does not appeal much.

The trouble is, at the moment, I am not geared up for bad weather. It is another one of those things that was not considered when we both decided to take up fishing. Initially, my thoughts were of sunny days sitting on the bank of a river pulling out huge fish with little effort... Six months on, reality has hit home. Much to my surprise, I have enjoyed the act of fishing far more than I though I ever would. I enjoy experimenting and discovering all the different aspects to this hobby.

Must look at getting some decent waterproofs...
This week I have also discovered there is more to this than just collecting 'equipment' and bait in order to remove fish from the murky depths. No amount of gear is going to get used if I am soaking wet, cold and miserable. I am a pleasure fisher and that means keeping warm and dry. Ordinary clothes just do not fit the bill! My 30+ year old wax jacket, beanie hat, fleece-top, work trousers and boots are fine so long as it does not rain!