Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Look out fish, here I come!

Jeff's lake
In a couple of weeks time I will be fishing in only my second match. I am still pinching myself when I think about entering a match.  A year ago I had no interest whatsoever in fishing. Even when I started fishing I had no intention of match fishing. I am not usually a very competitive person, but I enjoyed my first go far more than I thought I would. Now I need to get some time on the bank. Tomorrow I will be down at Beaver on Jeff's Lake trying out my tactics for the  match on the 5th August.

Most competitors seem to pole fish, and the winners last time were all on the pole, but as the nearest thing I have to a pole is a 5m whip (although it is labelled as a pole) that I got in my starter set (See HERE), I will stick to rod and line. I realise I have no real chance of winning a match, but I have my own personal goals to improve my performance as time goes on.

I am going to have another go at pellet waggling! If I can get this right I should be able to catch a few fish between bouts of feeder fishing. I have some proper pellet waggler float adaptors and, last time I was out, I managed to sort out the tangles. All I need to do now is get the fish to play nice.