Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Fishing tomorrow!

After an aborted start to my fishing experience last Sunday, I decided to go it alone tomorrow. Well not quite alone as Sue (my better half) has decided to come along for the ride as Tim has got a big job on tomorrow - well some of us have to work during the week I suppose. We will see how it goes in future but as we tend to work at the weekends and Tim works during the week, I think I might have discovered why we do not see that much of each other...

This Dunlop chair from Argos seems like good value
Last minute purchases. As Sue is coming tomorrow, I thought we might need some chairs. So I bought a couple of the Dunlop chairs offered by Argos. I didn't have room to photograph both of them without a lot of hassle so you will just have to imagine the other!  I also needed something to weigh my first fish (Well, I have to be optimistic!) so I bought a cheap set of scales that came with a sling, that looks like someone's discarded string vest, and a unhooking mat - don't suppose I will need that for a while.

Scales, unhooking mat and who left their vest behind?
My final bit of kit to show you and my first 'upgrade' is a couple of plummets I found on eBay that are ten times better than the rough one that was supplied in the starter set. Most of what I have bought so far has been low priced 'entry level stuff but we have more than enough stuff for two of us to get started. I have a landing net but I might need a second one for when Tim can make it.

This chart might come in handy. Printed on paper and laminated it should be drip-proof
Finally I found a shot weight chart that I could download and print out. So I laminated it and I will take it with me tomorrow as a quick reference, I am sure it will all become second nature after a couple of decades...