Sunday, 7 September 2014


Before the days of the internet, if you wanted to research something new it was time to refer to your own personal reference books or frequent the public lending Library. Although the internet is useful and , indeed, I found some useful material there, there is a limit to how long I am prepared to surf the net editing out all the rubbish.

With a subject that is totally new, as this is to me, I don't have a clue who to listen to. I have heard of some of the names that came up and recognise them from the odd fishing series that have been run on the television. I found lots of videos  on YouTube by Matt Hayes. These are great for someone like me who knows nothing and I know I can trust the information as being from someone who must know what he is doing.

Other than this sort of thing, the internet is a minefield of unfamiliar jargon and unqualified advice for the complete fishing numpty like me. Time to revert to the tried and tested route - books and magazines. A look through the Amazon book shop reveals a myriad of books. I discovered that a lot of them state "New and Used from 1p" I have used this before to great success so I ordered some beginners books and even including the postage only spent a few pounds.

I do like a nice solid book!
While I was out yesterday I called into a newsagent and found a magazine. My first fishing Magazine purchase is interesting. I can relate to some of it, but there is a lot to learn before I can honestly say that I understand some of the more interesting looking stuff. Lets face it, I only discovered what a plummet is a few days ago. The book, pictured above, arrived today and cost just 1p plus a couple of quid postage - perfect!  An ex-library book that had only been lent a few times in seven years, according to the lending record. The book looks almost brand new.

As I sit here typing I can here the sound of tinkering plates and cutlery, as we ate a few hours ago this can only mean one thing... Washing up! Now here is the dilemma, do I rush off and offer to help or lay low and read my new-to-me book...

...Decision made.  But how to I get to the beer without going in the kitchen? It's a hard life.