Saturday, 27 September 2014

Light at the end of the tunnel...

The irrigation system reservoir
Being unable to get away from the house this weekend was going to mean that there would be no time to go fishing. So desperate was I, that I instigated a search of the grounds for a suitable place to fish. As we have no acreage of water within our boundary I decided to seek out a few alternatives.  The irrigation system reservoir seemed like it might bare some fruit, or even fish. On further inspection it appeared to be of no value as the water level was well below the seasonal average.

The Wetlands Centre
Moving on, I was aware that Sue had been conditioning large amounts of grass in the wetlands centre. Here again water levels seemed to be a problem and this exploration was rapidly becoming a waste of time. With little success on our own property I thought about trespassing on to the adjacent estate and fishing there.  I have heard talk of still water there, all I would have to do is find it. However aerial reconnaissance of the area showed the lake to be unsuitable due to a blanket covering of weed.

The lake in the adjoining estate
With no prospect of finding any fishing this weekend I will have to console myself with a beer and another read of the Angling Times. There is always Matt Hayes and his early morning fishing programmes on Quest (...or Quest + 1 if you oversleep!) Tomorrow he is fishing the Mid-Severn and I am hoping he talks about the section that runs through Ironbridge, as we spend a few weekends there each year. I have seen people fishing on the other side of the river from the wharfage.

Ironbridge in the spring - no fishing during the closed season
As I understand, I will be able to fish along the river at Ironbridge (except during the closed season) free of charge so long as I have a Rod licence. But that will be for next year, I am still only finding my feet on still water.

Talking of which, It looks like Tim and I will be our next weekend. I spoke to him this morning and he thinks he can fit me in next Sunday, between his high society social life engagements. I think I had better stay away from the fish restaurants the night before... See HERE. Hopefully we will spend most of the day at Bax Farm fishing Farm Lake, which is where Sue and I went last week for my very first fishing outing. This will be Tim's first attempt for many decades; it should be fun providing the weather holds.