Saturday, 20 September 2014

Well, that was a good choice...

No fishing this weekend as Tim is off doing something else and I have lots of work to be catching up with. However there is still time to do some reading and watching. Yesterday Sue came back, from doing a spot of shopping, clutching a copy of Angling Times. Inside there was a mention of fishing related  TV. It was a mention that Quest are rerunning the Matt Hayes Total Fishing programmes that made be look closer. They listed one example (wrong time but I had missed it anyway). I then noticed, in the Radio Times, that in fact they are running the old Mat Hayes Total Fishing series early most mornings.

I know these are old but for an absolute beginner like me that are useful. Between this sort of programme, books and magazines as well as the internet I have learnt a lot and it was down to a Mat Hayes video that I knew how to shot my float and attach a hook length, before my first trip to a lake on Wednesday. Talking of which, while I was studying the pages of the afore mentioned publication, that Sue had bought me, I notices that the recommended fishery in the South was the place we chose to have my first go at drowning some maggots. Sue came along for the ride and a day out. I must say the Angling Times recommendation is spot on. We had a brilliant day and the people are very friendly and helpful, even when I was asking very basic questions.    

How is that for a coincidence?
I will go back there soon as it is just a few miles from where Tim lives and the original idea was for us to go fishing together. At this rate he will never catch up with me - I am already four fish in front of him! But hey, whose counting...

Last cast of the day at Bax Farm last Wednesday - Time to go home
We fished Farm lake and intended to take a look at the other lakes an the stream. As it turned out we stayed on the one lake and in the same place all day so we still have plenty to explore next time we go back.